Thursday, September 17, 2009

Government-Managed Capitalism: A Love Story

( Jonathan Witt

Memo to documentary filmmaker Michael Moore: Free markets didn’t cause the financial crisis. The biggest culprits were government planners meddling with the market. That’s the message of Acton’s newest video short.

So why on earth is Michael Moore (Capitalism: A Love Story, Sicko) so eager to route even more power and money through Washington? Centralized planning is economic poison. Doubling down isn’t the cure.

(Also, Acton’s resource page on the economic crisis is here.)


Personal Reflection: I think Glenn Beck's comment on Michael Moore's new movie is completely appropriate, not to mention revealing: "I really love it when people who despise capitalism try to convince you to spend money on their products. (Imagine if Stalin pimped his line of t-shirts on Facebook?) For instance, Michael Moore recently said that 'capitalism is evil,' but I bet he sure wouldn’t mind if you spent some cash to go see his new propaganda piece, 'Capitalism: A Love Story.'"

In other words, Moore's position is completely inconsistent. He proudly proclaims the "evils" of capitalism and yet at the same time uses the economic freedom capitalism provides in order to promote his new movie! How ironic!

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