Friday, November 12, 2010

William Lane Craig vs. Richard Dawkins

Craig and Dawkins square off on stage later today! Yesterday I received this Facebook note from William Lane Craig. Since he sent this to all his "friends," I'm assuming it's public information. In case you're unaware, a debate between Dawkins and Craig would match up the world's most well known apologists for their respective worldviews: Dawkins for Atheism and Craig for Christianity. It's also worth noting that Dawkins has colorfully dismissed any future debate potential with WLC, which makes this so surprising.

Dr. Craig describes their first meeting...

I am currently in Mexico to participate in a conference called Ciudad de
las Ideas, which is a conference modeled on the TED conference in the US.
It features lots of high tech people, sociologists, psychologists, economists,
scientists, etc.

As part of the conference they´re having a panel of six of us debate on the
question ¨Does the Universe Have a Purpose?¨ Well. to my surprise, I just
found out that one of the three persons on the other side is Richard Dawkins!
It´s true! I met him the other night. When he came my way, I stuck out my
hand and introduced myself and said, Ï´m surspised to see that you´re on the

He replied, "And why not?"

I said, ¨Well, you´ve always refused to debate me."

His tone suddenly became icy cold. "I don´t consider this to be a debate with
you. The Mexicans invited me to participate, and I accepted.¨ At that, he
turned away.

¨Well, I hope we have a good discussion,¨ I said.

"I very much doubt it,¨ he said and walked off.

So it was a pretty chilly reception! The debate is Saturday morning,
should you think of us. I´ll give an update after I get

The six-man debate panel is set to discuss the question, "Does the Universe have a Purpose?"

Affirmative Position: Rabbi David Wolpe, William Lane Craig, Douglas Geivett
Negative Position: Matt Ridley, Michael Shermer, Richard Dawkins

The organization's website has lots of videos posted so I'm hoping they will have this one up soon. I'll post it as soon as it becomes available.

UPDATE 11/14/2010: The video has been uploaded here on YouTube.


Theo Warner said...

Of course, WLC is not facing off against RD. They are both each on a panel.

This is not WLC vs. Hitchens.

Anonymous said...

I tried to listen. That link it completely unintelligible with the woman talking over the speakers. Hopefully, a new version will be up soon.

Anonymous said...

Have fun getting elected "Pope" so Richard Dawkins will consider debating you! LOL Sadly the RC Church no longer supports Creation in the biblical sense, but only as an religious sop for the way evolution accomplishes God's purposes.


Toyin O. said...

Interesting post, thanks for sharing.

Lee said...

This link isn't blanketted with spanish narration:

A. M. Hempe said...

I find it strange that Dawkins won't do a real one on one with WLC. Perhaps he's aware that his philosophical debate skills are not on par with the "professional debater" Dr. Craig? What a lame excuse...

Eric said...

@A.M. Hempe

Or maybe it's because he realizes that debating someone who can only offer "thought experiments" is a complete waste of time. He's a scientist who is only interested in what can be physically tested. All WLC offers is arguments that have tenuous basing in reality. In fact all of his arguments are cleverly disguised arguments from ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Richard I’m a fan, but this is all so embarrassing.
The faith-heads think we are cowards.
WLC’s arguments are baseless – why doesn’t Richard get up and blow him away?
So what if he has a sick interpretation of certain whack passages in the bible – even the more to get up and shove the embarrassment in his face.
All these “excuses” for not destroying his arguments are getting me down. I’m not interested in name calling; I’m interested in his arguments being destroyed in public debate. Each premise being logically defeated.
Hat’s off to Stephen Law, Chris Hitchens and Sam Harris – come on Richard get some balls.