Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stand To Reason Launches New Student Website

Stand to Reason launched a new website today designed to help Christian students form a confident Christian worldview and be able to explain it clearly and gracious to others.

STR Place helps students "just think" about Christianity.

STR Place has a variety of resources:

* Videos dealing with timely issues
* Articles providing clear, concise explanations
* A video blog answering questions
* How to schedule in-person training STR offers
* Information about unique mission trips led by STR student impact director, Brett Kunkle
* STR Place's Twitter and Facebook pages
* You Tube videos
* Parent and teacher resources to support Christian students
* Online store with resources specifically for Christian students

Bookmark STR Place (www.STRplace.org) and visit often as they will be adding content regularly. And please email others to let them know about this critical, new training tool - especially students and youth leaders.

Originally posted by Melinda at STR BLOG

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