Monday, May 25, 2009

Goodsearch for Charity

Have you heard of Goodsearch? It's a new search engine based on the yahoo platform but with a new business model. Apparently, advertisers pay for every click people make on search engines. If you prefer advertising revenue go to charity rather than a dot-comer's piggy bank, or political ideology, dump your old search engine for one that donates money to your favorite nonprofit with every click. I just signed up my favorite charity ( so that they get a portion of advertising dollars each time I do a search on or if anyone else picks them too. Lots of non-profit orgs are already listed, but you can add one if it's not (it takes a couple days for confirmation). Spread the word!

For those of you Google fans out there, do you know how they spend your advertising dollars for every search you do? Here's an enlightening article from Worldnetdaily describing Google's political contributions. They were also one of the leaders in the attempt to defeat Prop 8 in California. I'm proud to live where we can freely speak our minds, but part of that freedom includes not assisting causes I disagree with.

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