Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The President Calls for Comments On Conscience Clause

UPDATE- The President is saying he is going to remove the conscience clause that has been in place.

The Conscience Clause protects physicians and nurses choice not to participate in abortion procedures if it goes against their conscience.
By reversing this clause, doctors will be forced to perform these procedures regardless of their individual beliefs. This is a freedom issue and a right to life issue. Here is a great artilce from Stand To Reason on the problem with this decision: "Pro-Choice? Only for One Choice"

YOUR OPPORTUNITY -The President has called for comments on the issue and 30 days were given starting on March 6th. Please consider taking action by being apart of the Be Heard Project.
Sign the petition that has already been siged by over 14,000 people. All it requires is your Name, Age and an email address. or you can call the ACLJ at 877-989-2255 where you can talk with person over the phone.

  • Count: 57,259 signatures
  • (last updated on 4/4/09)

This petition is presented by the ACLJ, a trusted source. Just go to or to sign this petition and learn more.

Pass on this information if you support this effort.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. I just stumbled across your blog, and I plan to pass this info on.

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Hope it helps, thanks for visiting.

Speyek said...

I signed the petition and I hope others do so as well!