Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Luca Was Gay" ("Luca Era Gay")

Songs have the ability to communicate ideas in a very powerful way. This song is an excellent example.

"Luca Era Gay" (Luca Was Gay) is the name of an Italian pop song performed by Giuseppe Povia. The song tells a story of a man named Luca who developed a homosexual orientation as a result of negative childhood experiences. Later in life he was able to overcome his struggles and effectively change his sexual orientation to heterosexuality. It should be no surprise that the song has sparked controversy in Italy and has been labeled by gay activists as "homophobic."

You can watch the video here with subtitles.

Also, read the article telling the story of the song and the reaction before and after it was performed at Italy's "Festival di San Remo."

Roberto Marchesini, the writer of the article, notes, "The popularity of 'Luca Era Gay' has given courage and dignity to the ex-homosexual community in Italy, who, until now, have been thoroughly intimidated by gay activists. The text's real-life insights regarding the ex-gay experience are undeniable."

NARTH (National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality) is an organization which "upholds the rights of individuals with unwanted homosexual attraction to receive effective psychological care, and the right of professionals to offer that care." Check out their additional articles and resources.

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charkle said...

There is hope, forgiveness and release from the 'gay' lifestyle lie. Love Won Out is a positive message of hope and redemption, stories of people...thru the Bible's message change is possible.