Monday, January 26, 2009

Anti-Prop 8 Plan B

The following is from an AP article about gay marriage advocates planning to overturn Proposition 8 by ballot initiatives.

"One of the initiatives submitted to the state for approval this month, launched by a gay rights group in Davis, would repeal Proposition 8 outright. The second, initiated by two Los Angeles residents, would eliminate marriage as a state-sanctioned institution and replace it with domestic partnerships for couples gay and straight."

Talk about an attack on MARRIAGE!!! Does anyone remember what happened to marriage in Holland since enacting de facto gay marriage? People stopped getting married because it lost it's original meaning. As a result, single parent and orphan rates skyrocketed which is bad itself, but which also leads to most societal problems. So what strategies are the gay marriage advocates discussing?

"For one, the disappointing outcome of the Proposition 8 fight has energized a lot of gay marriage supporters and the momentum could be lost by waiting two more years, Binder said. Also, California voters will be going to the polls next year to elect a new governor to replace Arnold Schwarzenegger, so turnout is likely to be high. On the downside, passage of the measure, which marked the first time that voters were asked to take away marriage from gay couples who could legally wed, indicates that large numbers of voters remain firmly opposed to same-sex marriage. There may not be time to move enough of them to change their minds in 21 months."

Voters in the 18-25 age demographic overwhelmingly voted against Proposition 8 and would be the most likely to support its repeal. As time moves forward, and these new voters gain a larger proportion of the voting block, the chance for success of gay marriage initiatives increase tremendously. That is, unless we share the truth with those who are confused about the issue - especially those of us who are ourselves, or engage frequently with, young voters. Now is not the time to expect our win in November to last forever. The barbarians are at the gate, and we're the last ones left to defend it. If you want to know more about this issue or how you can get involved, email me at

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