Thursday, April 1, 2010

Is Christianity True? Essay Series at Apologetics 315

Brian Auten of Apologetics 315 has brought Christian bloggers together from across the web and compiled a series of essays to be featured throughout the month of April on the topic "Is Christianity True?":

For every weekday in April 2010, Apologetics 315 will feature an essay contributed by a Christian apologetics blogger in response to the question: Why is Christianity True? The goal of this project is a simple one: to share the reasons that we have found compelling to believe that Christianity is true. This is not intended to prove the Christian worldview beyond all doubt or to counter every objection of those who zealously reject God. Rather, it is intended as a starting point for those sincerely looking for truth – for those wondering if there are good reasons to believe. 
(MP3 audio here)
All 23 essays have also been recorded as MP3 audio files to be released along with their respective text version. These audio files can be downloaded through each day’s blog post, or through the “Is Christianity True?” podcast feed here or in iTunes. At the end of the month, readers may download an ebook version of the essay collection.

Read Brian's full introduction here.

I have been privileged with the opportunity to contribute an essay of my own which will be featured on April 15. Check out the list of contributors here.

The line-up looks great and I am looking forward to reading each essay. Make sure you check out Apologetics 315 for a great new essay each weekday.

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Gabriel Pagel said...

I have also linked to this series on my blog! I am so excited for this series. It is so good to see so many others besides the "usual suspects" getting into defending their faith on the web.

Thanks for looking out!