Sunday, March 7, 2010

Featured Website: The One Minute Apologist

We live in a culture in which many individuals are used to getting their information in thirty-second soundbites. Christians often find themselves in situations where a ten-second window is all they have to offer a response or communicate a timely truth. It behooves apologists to learn to effectively respond to questions and challenges with short and succinct, informed and effective answers. The One Minute Apologist is a website dedicated to offering just this type of answer.

The vision of One Minute Apologist is simple...

To provide short, creative informational videos on YouTube that resource people with a hunger to defend their faith for the sake of mankind and the glory of God.

The One Minute Apologist was designed to create quick answers to curious questions. We dream of a website that is fully loaded with great articles, books, documentaries, lectures and debates in the areas of Christian  apologetics and philosophy.

We believe more than ever before there is a great urgency for Christians to exercise their minds for the glory of God. When we study apologetics it is one way we love those who don't know Jesus in a personal way. We love them by privately saturating our minds with God's truth so that we are ready to give a thoughtful Christian answer when asked.

The One Minute Apologist includes interviews with William Lane Craig, William Dembski, Greg Koukl, Mike Licona, Frank Turek, Ken Boa, and more!

Be sure to check out The One Minute Apologist for great video resources, interviews, and thoughtful answers to tough questions.

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