Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Debate Chatter

The web is buzzing with blogger commentaries on last Friday's McDowell-Corbett debate so I'm listing them all here. Let me know if you come across any others.

Christian blogs:

Atheist blogs:

Saddleback College paper:

Debate audio:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link!

Wasn't that a great debate?

Dan said...

Sure was! I've listened to a LOT of debates and Sean's ability to relate his case to the crowd in an easy to understand way put him among the top of the class. And that was his first debate! It was hectic to plan, but a pleasure working with Sean leading up to that night. Although Corbett didn't grapple with the core issue, I give him credit for taking it seriously and for his respectful demeanor. I shared with Dr. Corbett all these links as well and he said he would try to respond to them all if he has time. I'm glad to see all the excitment this event has caused. Thanks for your contribution! God bless, - Dan