Sunday, June 7, 2009

Reconsidering Capitalism

( Pete Chagnon

The author of the book Money, Greed, and God says capitalism is not evil, despite the rhetoric coming from the White House.

Author Jay Richards finds it unfortunate that many Christians have misconceptions about capitalism. He contends many Christians see capitalism as a means to promote greed and corruption.

"These misconceptions are based on a caricature or stereotypes of capitalism rather than the real thing," the author believes. "In fact, I think you can make a strong moral case for the superiority of capitalism over other economic alternatives, and I want to persuade especially fellow Christians not to buy [into] these negative stereotypes about capitalism."

Richards' book discusses eight common myths he says people have believed about capitalism. One of those myths he calls the materialist myth. "Which is believing that wealth isn't created; it's simply transferred. But we know that wealth is created," he points out. "So just because somebody got rich, it doesn't mean somebody else got poor."

Richards contends in his book that if people want to help the poor and have an economy that creates wealth, then people need to focus on economic policy and actions and not just good intentions. And that is why he argues that capitalism deserves a closer look.

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