Friday, May 22, 2009

The Missing Link is Named...Ida??

I've been told that scientists have found the "missing link."

I think that's great.

Now all they need to do is explain the existence of matter and energy, the beginning of the universe, cosmological constants, the anthropic principle, the origin of life, DNA, irreducible complexity, the Cambrian explosion, transitions between invertebrates and vertebrates, origin of the sexes, consciousness...etc. ad nauseam...and they will finally have a complete worldview which can compete in the marketplace of ideas. You are almost there guys!

There are already a number of great resources and commentaries in response to this fossil find:

Answers in Genesis has a couple articles: Ida: the Missing Link at Last? and Ida: the Real Story of this "Scientific Breakthrough"

Sean McDowell: Missing Link Brouhaha.

Melinda Penner at Stand to Reason: Grandma Ida? Greg Koukl will also be addressing this issue on his radio show which should be available here after 05/24/09.

Reasons to Believe has a page you can check out here.

Gary Demar at American Vision: Pigs, Lemurs, and 'Proving' Evolution

Randy Thomasson at The Missing Link? Not!

Alli Martin at Onenewsnow: 'Ida' an extinct primate - and that's all

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